A Case for the Polo Shirt

jfk boat polo.jpg

As we approach the warmer months, many designers will start to unveil their Spring and Summer collections in hopes to make sales off of the anticipation of fair weather. When the thermometer begins to creep up, picking out your clothes in the morning can become quite difficult. In the winter, you can rely on it staying chilly for the entirety of the day. However, in the Spring, your day may start off in a parka and end in a swimsuit. Mother Nature tends to be a bit fickle around the month of March. To combat these issues, I recommend turning to a time-tested basic of a Spring wardrobe: the polo shirt. Now, it may have made a poor impression on you by being the casual choice of car salesmen everywhere, however, the polo can be your best friend when done right. Whether you’re out and about, playing a round of golf, or simply going to the store, the polo can easily take your outfit to the next level. The polo’s high level of functionality allows you to remain casual and cool, while also providing a touch of traditional elegance. Perhaps the most promising feature of a polo is the fact that it can easily be layered over to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever weather you’ll face. A polo slides under a Mackintosh coat on rainy days just as easily as it does under a sweater on cooler occasions. Additionally, the color wheel for a polo is nearly unlimited. A man would be hard-pressed to find a good shop that doesn’t have a beautiful assortment of colored polos. This does not mean that you can simply throw caution to the wind, however, when you’re trying to coordinate an outfit in the morning. Try to not make your torso look like a Jackson Pollock painting. Rather, be an individual and wear colors that you like. Traditional colors are nice for polos, but, in a casual setting they tend to be boring. Personally, I really enjoy yellow and pink polos as they tend to pair nicely with most trouser colors and welcome the warmer weather. If you need some inspiration for a certain look, direct your search to legends like J.F.K and Ronald Reagan. Both gentleman held the highest office in our country, and of no coincidence looked damn good in a polo shirt. Some of this was likely because they were very handsome men, however, the majority of it was because of fit. Their polos were trim and had shorter sleeves. You’d be amazed at how much fit has to do with a good polo. Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a fortune, but I suppose you can. I like my polos from Uniqlo just as much as I would a polo by Mr. Michael Bastian. Choose whatever fits your price-range and preference, but make sure it fits correctly. After all, don’t we all want to look like Ronnie and John?