Letter from the Editor


Hello All,

My name is Ace Dzurovcik , an Economics and Theatre double major from northwestern Indiana. In the fashion of past Editor Jacob Roehm I too take over the reins of The Wabash Commentary after some amount of disaster. As of my writing this, the latest issue is from the spring of 2018. The 2018-2019 school year marked the 25th Anniversary of TWC, yet we had nothing to show for it. As someone who takes after tradition and hopes to never see things forgotten to time, this can not stand. As we reflect on both the accomplishments and failures of our predecessors, it has come to light that we must not use our past as a crutch. We must be better for ourselves, for the publication, and for Wabash.

At the beginning of this summer we created a plan we will hold close to for the good of TWC. We will be setting our goals high and keeping up with deadlines to best facilitate our resources.

Looking to the Future,

Ace Dzurovcik