Not Now, Voyager


This is the third issue of The Wabash Commentary this year, and my last as its editor. I can’t thank this staff enough for their effort and the creativity they put into this issue. In addition, we all thank the alumni and fiends of this publication for their continued support in all aspects of our work, you have helped more than you know.

Many of us involved with TWC were saddened by the recent death of Matthew Rarey ’00, the second editor of TWC. This Magazine owes a great deal to Matt, not only for keeping this publication afloat in dire times, but, for lending us his talent for prose and copy-editing long after Wabash became his Alma Matter.

Recently, many people have been thinking about acceptance, a trendy topic on college campuses today. But what does that mean at Wabash? We tend to think ideas of acceptance are vaguely obvious but learned tools through the teaching vehicle of The Gentleman’s Rule. While no one can claim to have the perfect solution, several of our writers have taken a look at what it means to live in a community with people who have different opinions than ourselves. Logan Taylor ’18 takes a look at a controversial Chapel Talk by John Hailey, and questions the way we paint our enemies with a broad brush. Austin Yeomans ’20 looks back to the days of Ezra Pound, mining for enlightenment by examining how Wabash has changed and remained the same since his departure over the seas, “Cantos in hand.”

On a lighter note, spring has sprung at Wabash, and so shall a gentleman’s summer attire with tips from Jared Cottingham ’18. Poking fun at “progress” has been a recurring theme at TWC, and in this issue Brennan Davenport ’19 embodies that theme, inspire revolt against the five day workweek, asking with mock seriousness, what has the modern world done to us?

From myself and all of us on staff I hope that you enjoy this issue of The Wabash Commentary.


-- Jacob Roehm ’18