I often find myself contemplating what The Wabash Commentary is. I think about what it means to me, what it means to other people, and – most importantly – what it stands for.

As editor, I now find myself in the unique position of not just considering what the Commentary means to me, but of also putting what that means into actuality. Seldom do we have the chance to guide the things that we love, to have the possibility to change how others see that which is most important to us.

My first goal for the Commentary is to foster growth. I came into this family when it was small and broken, and have fought since then not only to hold it together, but to build it back up to what it was before.

Secondly, I hope to solidify our identity. What do we stand for? I believe that we are more than merely a political magazine; we care about so much more than politics. I further believe it would be overly reductive to say that we are some sort of “lifestyle” magazine. It is not my place to say what is the place of the Commentary, nor will it ever be the place of any single person. As  stated above, we are a family, and in our identity must consider all members past, present, and future. I simply wish to help us put together those pieces.

It is my final hope to spread this identity that we create. Misinformation is a slow and insidious killer in both directions. It plays a part in the destruction of those who learn and accept it as truth, but can also lead to the destruction of its subject. In my time as a member of the Commentary, we have been subject to such          attacks and allegations claiming that we are an “alt-right” publication or, even worse, a publication against the college. I believe we are anything but.

The Wabash Commentary is much more to me than pieces of paper covered in ink. It is an institution. A way of thinking. A family. It is my sole wish as editor of The Wabash Commentary to help this family as it has helped me.

Yours for a Traditional Wabash,

Brandon Johnson





Brandon Johnson