Epistula Editoris

Salvete Amici,

Often we forget the influence the administration has on the culture of the campus. As it makes the rules, we must adapt to them, change the ways we interact with one another and the way we carry ourselves. As the rules change, so must we, and so must the College.

Similarly, we often ignore the influence students – particularly student organizations – hold over the way campus runs. Individuals may not carry much weight, but hardly any of us is simply an individual. We are all a part of something more than just ourselves, which affects more than just ourselves. No man is an island.

Similar to Rome, the progression of our history is held by both the people and the Senate – or in our case, the students and our governing bodies, such as the administration. The decadence of the Roman people led to a decline in culture, and a decline in the state, and it was the poor decisions and overexpansion of the Roman State that opened the Empire to its downfall.

We have seen the culture of the campus change through the actions of both the students and the administration – sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. We have also seen our student body – through its own organizations and governing systems – grow in culture and resources through discretion, however now it appears as though we are watching what was once built up get torn down due to decadence and indiscretion. Although it may appear as though we are more inclusive and more culturally advanced than before, I find that we, like the Romans, have become far too spread out – wide as an ocean, but deep as a puddle.

I hope that our history proves to have a better ending. 

Depauw delenda est,

Brandon Johnson