Letter from the Editor

Permanent Things

Hello All,

My name is Jacob Roehm, a Philosophy and Political Science double major from southern Indiana. I take over the reins of The Wabash Commentary after a couple of tumultuous years in our leadership, and one of my first goals has been to get us going the right way forward.  2016 marks the 22nd year that the Wabash Commentary has been on campus. As we reflect on the work that has been done by our predecessors, we look forward to our own place in the history of this magazine. It is our hope that the Commentary will serve to enliven campus debate and provide an outlet for those students who want their voices to be heard. As we have been told over and over again, ideas have consequences, and the end result of an absence of reasoned debate on campus is pernicious orthodoxy. As editor I hope to continue the best traditions of my predecessors and help the Commentary make whatever positive impact it can on the life of the College. 

Since our last issue, we have been hard at work putting our house in order, making sure that the Commentary will be around for another decade or more. This semester has been filled with email wars, tasteless mens-wear, and scolding chapel talks. The events of this semester have revealed a willingness amongst some to demonize our fellow Wabash Men. The Wabash Commentary seeks to defend not only the students, but the cherished history and traditions of the College. Any institution, but especially a college, exists to fulfill certain purposes. When it no longer meets them, or seeks to adopt new ones, those who are loyal to the original mission are obligated to speak up. I regard the efforts of this magazine as being in that spirit. To quote Wabash’s third president, the Rev. Joseph Tuttle, “The old faith is good enough for me, and I am sure that I speak to the profoundest convictions of the founders and patrons of this college in saying it is good enough for you.


Yours for a Healthy Wabash,

Jacob Roehm ’18